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Here are some miscellaneous pieces that I have completed over the years. You'll find logos, posters, t-shirts, and pretty much anything that I decided to impulsively take on for fun throughout my free time.

A poster I created to highlight The Wonder Years' hometown show at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, PA.

A geofilter I created that was published by Snapchat in Fall of 2015. The filter remains very popular today in the greater Pittston area.

Following up Chris Cashmere's 2016 debut LP 'Feel', I created artwork for his latest project, titled 'Rain'.

I created this large scale banner for Cooper's Seafood House in Pittston to be displayed over the main road to advertise their weekly Bike Night.

This shirt design was inspired by my interest in aliens and UFOs and was created as a standalone piece.

I created this poster for the African Wildlife Foundation to help draw attention to the large loss of habitat the African Zebra population has endured.

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